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Jessica's Target Deals – August 13, 2013

She’s at it again!  Jessica still needed to pick up a few school supplies so today she headed to Target.  Of course, Jessica being, well… Jessica, she also picked up a few items her kids won’t need for school.

Special Deals at Target Today

Purina Dog Chow

  • Regular price:  $12.59
  • Sale price:  $11.69
  • Coupon:  $2 off
  • Final price:  $9.69/bag
  • And with each bag she earned a $5 Target Reward Card she can use on her next shopping trip.

Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid

  • Mark-Down Price:  $2.48 for 2-pack 25 ounces each
  • Coupon:  Two – $.50 off one Palmolive product
  • Final price:  $1.00 per bottle

BIC Silky Touch Shavers

  • Regular price:  $2.99 per 6-ct package
  • Coupon:  $3 off any BIC Razor
  • Final price:  FREE!

Check out Jessica’s Target Haul Video where she shows you how she saves money stacking coupons!

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Jessica's Target Haul – September 1, 2013

Most shoppers, when they think of a “haul,” picture a mountain of products big enough to fill up the back end of a pick-up truck.  But Jessica says …

No haul is too small… as long as you save money!

And while today’s Target haul may be smaller than usual, she still saved 56 percent! Total retail price:  $75.76 Coupons:  $18 Target Gift Cards:  $15 Final price:  $41.76 PLUS... She earned 2 more $5 gift cards she can use on her next shopping trip! $2/1 Clairol hair color (ets) – Exp 9/30 $1/1 Tylenol or Motrin Children’s Product DND exp Mon 9/30/13

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The Pros and Cons of the $5 Target Gift Card

target gift cardJessica and I went shopping at Target on Sunday – you can see her new Target Haul Video Here.   While we were there we discovered something sinister about those $5 Target Gift Cards… They mesmerize you into thinking you’re making money, even when you buy things you don’t need! At one point we were looking at Herbal Essence Body Wash.  Target had a deal where you could get a $5 Gift Card if you bought 4, and Jessica had a manufacturer’s coupon that would have given her $1 off per bottle.  She still would have had to spend like $6 or $7 total just to get that $5 gift card. All in all, it was a good deal … if she needed body wash.  But she has a whole shelf full of it in the basement.  When I pointed out to her that she’d be spending money on something she didn’t even need just to get a $5 gift card, she hesitated. When I pointed out that she’d be spending more than the $5 gift card was worth, she put the body wash back on the shelf and moved on. It’s important to remember that you don’t save $5 on the purchase you’re making right now.  That $5 gift card is only worth $5 on your next purchase – it’s Target’s way of getting you to come back to the store and spend more money. The moral of this story?

Just because you save money doesn’t always make it a good deal – especially if it’s something you don’t need.