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Why The Coupon Clippers charges a shipping fee and we don’t

At The Coupon Clippers you don’t get what you pay for, you get what they pay for, that’s why you have to pay more for it. Thoroughly confused? Aren’t all coupon clipping services the same? Let’s take a look at those admin fees and shipping charges that show up when you check out at The Coupon Clippers, and see how The Happy Couponer Marketplace does it better.

The Happy Couponer Marketplace vs The Coupon Clippers

Shipping Fees

At The Happy Couponer Marketplace, shipping is always free. Order 5 coupons, order 50 or order 5,000 and you’ll never see a shipping charge at checkout.

At The Coupon Clippers you’re automatically charged $.49 for shipping on every order. Small price to pay, you say?

What if you’re a savvy couponer who knows when you see a hot coupon you need to snap it up and pay for it NOW before it somebody else grabs it off the site? At THCM we have hundreds of customers who regularly place three or four or five orders – every day – because they’re looking for the hot sellers. Now, multiply that $.49 by 10 or 12 orders a week and those shipping charges really start to add up.

Surprise! Their shipping fee is even higher on large orders!

At THCM you’ll never be charged for shipping, no matter how large your order is. We frequently have customers order 200, 500 or more coupons on one single order and shipping is still always free.

Try placing an order for 500 coupons at The Coupon Clippers and you’ll see your shipping fee automatically jumps up to $5.60. That’s $5.60 in addition to the price you pay for the coupons.

Admin Fees

You can probably already guess what I’m going to say about Admin Fees. At The Happy Couponer Marketplace we don’t have any Admin Fees – ever. You pay only for the coupons you order.

At The Coupon Clippers there’s an automatic Admin Fee of $.50 added to every order, and we’ve already shown you how these multiple fees can add up over just one week.

Why The Coupon Clippers charges shipping and admin fees and we don’t

Like I said, with The Coupon Clippers you’re paying for what they get. The Coupon Clippers is just one coupon clipping service operating out of one location. To be able to offer a wider variety of coupons they order whole inserts from different marketing regions across the US. That means they have to pay shipping, handling and ‘admin fees’ to get those inserts delivered. They have to recover those costs somehow and guess how they choose to do it… That’s right. They pass those costs off to you, each time you place an order.

The Happy Couponer Marketplace is a collection of multiple coupon clipping services, each operating from their own location, in marketing areas across the United States. Each vendor has his or her own source for inserts. This enables us to offer you a wider selection of all the best coupons without having to pay those acquisition costs.

At The Happy Couponer Marketplace we’ve promised from the very beginning that we’ll never charge a shipping fee and never pass off any administration costs or hidden fees to our customers. After all, you’re couponing because you want to save money, and we want to help you save even more.