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The Happy Couponer: We're Not Your Average Coupon Blog

Yesterday we received emails from 3 people asking us why we didn’t kick off another contest and give away some more free coupons. Our first thought was to say, “Yes, we said we were going to, and we’re really sorry but we weren’t able to get it up and running. We’ll kick it off right away!” But then we had a second thought. 

We’re Not Your Average Coupon Blog

The Happy Couponer is not now, never has been, and never will be another cookie-cutter coupon blog where we’re constantly running giveaways. We just don’t have the time because, unlike those other coupon blogs, we don’t just tell you to go print your coupons – we also clip and ship coupons, sometimes thousands of coupons a day.

We Go Above And Beyond Every Day

We frequently include unannounced free coupons in the daily orders we ship out. If you’ve ordered from us then you’ve probably received quite a few free coupons. We frequently run contests and award free coupons as prizes, we just don’t do it every week or every day like those other bloggers. Just last week we awarded 350 free coupons to one winner and a $25 gift card to another. We also implemented our Rockstar Rewards Points program to let you earn even more free coupons. When you order from us you’ll see your accumulated point total at the bottom of your order confirmation. You will not see this type of program on any other reputable coupon clipping service – we checked.

We’re a Coupon Clipping Service

The Happy Couponer is first and foremost a coupon clipping service, which means we have customers who rely on us to get their orders shipped on a timely basis, whether we’re including free coupons or not. When they order from us we’re pretty sure they’d rather we get their coupons out than sit down and map out another contest or set up another coupon code.  In fact, most of our regular customers have never redeemed a coupon code or Rockstar Reward Point and probably don’t even read our blog or newsletters – They. Just. Want. Their. Coupons. We frequently ship orders that come in after 3 pm on the same day. Yes, we actually drive them to the post office and flag down the truck. This is another service you won’t find anywhere else.  Most other clipping services cut off orders at 11 am, sometimes even as early as 8 am. We are also growing at a tremendous rate which means we have more and more customers relying on us every day to clip and ship their coupons in a timely manner. Combine all of that with the facts that we never charge for shipping, we have the lowest clipping fees around, and we have no minimum order requirements, and it’s pretty clear we’re going above and beyond the call of duty to develop lasting relationships with our customers. (This article we posted yesterday clearly shows the difference between us and our competitors and the benefits of using our service.) Yes, we didn’t get to kick off another contest like we planned. Are we sorry? Yes. But we’ll keep the reason we’re sorry to ourselves.