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Vendor News 1/16/2018

Happy New Year!

Just a note before I begin… If you are having trouble contacting me at please use my alternate email address:

I don’t know about you guys but we’ve had a rough start for 2018.  Our furnace bit the dust on New Year’s Eve and we were without heat until the afternoon of Jan 4.  Then it went out again yesterday.  Fortunately, they were able to send someone out… at 11:30 last night!

Along with that, the mini couponers have been home from school since Decmber 23.  Yeah, they went to school 3 days in there somewhere but it hardly counts when you’re dealing with a couple of energetic middle-school kiddos who can’t go outside to play because the temperature is so far below zero it doesn’t register on the thermometer.

On top of that, Spectrum, our Internet service provider, has decided that we shouldn’t be able to access our own website.  This has been going on for a couple of weeks now and no one can tell me what’s going on.  Seriously.  We have stumped the Spectrum techs.  It’s not a big problem because we ARE able to access the site when we tether to our cellphone wi-fi, but it’s just one more hassle for the start of this new year.

Anyway, that’s the State of the Union in our household.  We’re not grumpy about it, though because we all count our blessing every evening around the dinner table and that reminds us how blessed we are compared to so many others.  I’m sure a lot of you have similar tales, and probably a few that are even worse, and trust me, we remember all of you in our prayers every day.

Now, on with the news 🙂

Shipping Reminder

Please remember that all orders that are received before 1 pm EST Monday – Friday must ship that same day.  All orders received before 11 am EST on Saturday must ship that same say.  We have this shipping guarantee plastered all over the site.  Our customers DO look at the post date on their envelopes and they DO ask for refunds if their order shipped late.  When that happens we automatically grant that refund and it is deducted from your next Paypal transfer, even if the customer has received their order.

Weather Delays

Please know that I completely understand that the USPS is having delivery problems in many areas of the country due to this horrible weather we’re all having.  When a customer complains about delayed delivery I always remind them that we have absolutely no control over the weather or its affect on how quickly or how accurately the USPS delivers the mail and this usually does the trick.

If you are NOT taking your orders to the Post Office every day but leaving them out for your carrier to pick up… Did you know that carriers are not required to pick up your mail?  That outgoing mail can legally sit in your mailbox forever.  Carriers are only required to deliver mail that they deem ‘urgent’ – especially if the weather is bad.  And the definition of ‘urgent’ and ‘bad weather’ is left entirely up to the carrier!

Packaging Your Orders

We’ve had a few large orders get destroyed in the USPS sorting machines recently which means the vendor had to take a huge refund.  Please make sure you are packaging your coupons safely.  Regular envelopes that are more than 1/4″ thick required extra postage and may end up being destroyed by sorting machines.

Just spreading out your coupons inside the envelope isn’t enough.  If you can shake that envelope and all of the coupons fall to one side – AND that pile is more than 1/4″ thick – then you need to either secure those coupons inside that envelope or us some other type of packaging.

Tracking Numbers

We do not require that you use tracking numbers on your orders – ever – it’s totally up to you.  But if you’re shipping out a $35 order you might want to consider it.  If a customer wants those coupons for free all they have to do is file a Paypal claim and if you didn’t use a tracking number they’ll win that claim every time.

Image Sizes

Just a reminder:  Images must be 500 pixels high x 500 pixels wide – period.  Not one pixel more or one pixel less.

Coming Soon – Major Site Renovation!

It’s been a full year since I changed anything major on the site but it’s time for some major renovations.  I’ll be working on this over the next few weeks and I’m opening up the floor to you guys.  But before I do…

  • Do NOT panic.  Just keep working as usual.  I’m going to be building this from the ground up – again – on a different domain so I won’t even be touching the existing site.
  • Do NOT panic.  This will NOT affect the customers at all because I won’t be working on the existing site.
  • Do NOT panic.  All orders, email, and reports will not be affected because I won’t be working on the existing site.
  • Do NOT panic.  The problems we’re experiencing with the existing site are very minor and most only affect me.  But they make me worry and I don’t like to be worried 🙂

OK, What Would You Like To See?

I’ve already heard from one seller who’d like to see a link to all whole inserts back on the home page again.  What would you like to see?

Is there some thing or some capability you’d like to have added to the site?

Is there some thing you feel is a complete waste and should be removed?

Please keep in mind that there are some things I simply can or can not do and there are some things I won’t do because they’d either have a negative affect on customers or the overall site, but I’ll give all of your suggestions my best shot 🙂

Email your suggestions to me at or


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