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This morning, several of our sellers emailed me to let me know that their local Postmasters are telling them to expect delivery delays due to coronavirus.

While the Post Office is still up and running, it’s important to remember that:

  1.  Many Postal employees have children.  With schools closed across the country, many of them are unable to work because they don’t have childcare.
  2. Many Postal employees fall in high-risk categories and may be staying away from work to avoid the risk of exposure.
  3.  All of us, across the country, are being asked to stay home if we’re sick, even if it’s just a cold or flu, to help stop the spread of coronavirus.  This includes Postal employees.

The sellers here at The Happy Couponer Marketplace are still shipping your orders in line with our Same Day Shipping Policy but we simply can’t force the USPS to deliver them as quickly as you might like.  This is an unprecedented event in our history and every city and state is involved.  We understand your frustration but we hope you also understand that we’re all in this together.



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